Turn! Turn! Turn! * Entertainment Calendar

Sun. 7/15 Drum Sands, Bohr, Indira Valey,Half Shadow 8pm $5
This is the proverbial exclamation point on a hot summer week of sound. Ya got four no bs weirds (as NOT in “Keep Portland…”) performing live before your very eyes.

Mon. 7/16 Kevin Van Walk Band, Caspar Sonnet, Halfbird 8pm $5
Mondays seem to offer a lot of warble, skronk and delayed gratification in these parts, and this Monday seems to offer it all (though some might find the grat more quickly than others).

Tue. 7/17 Trivia! Trivia! Trivia! 8pm FREE
Our music trivia game has been boggling minds ceaselessly for over four years. Come August, we’re gonna take a breather and do some retooling. Please do come check in before fall si upon us.

Wed. 7/18 CMG Outset Series w/Bill Brovold, Bebop ’79 8pm $5-$15 sliding scale
While the Outset Series is typically a forum for local experimenters, occasionally we get some makers and shakers from beyond. This week, we’ve got killer locals Bebop ’79, but the big treat is Bill Brovold, who has been rattling the cosmos for nearly 40 years. From his first band, NY no-wavesters Rhys Chatham Ensemble, through Larvai and recordings on John Zorn’s Avant label, Cuneiform and Knitting Factory, to his present day more minimalist, folk leaning work, dude is the real deal. You prob shouldn’t miss this.

Thur. 7/19 Cool American, Said Goner (rec. release), Wayside Ghost 8pm $5
We’ve been hosting a lot of celebrations of new recordings lately (cool!) and tonight we’ve go another from locals Said Goner. Dig it.

Fri. 7/20 Melt. Plastic Cactus, Baywitch (Sea), Swamp Meat (Sea) 8pm $8 
Two of Portland’s finest share the night with a couple of rippers from our neighbors to the north.

Sat. 7/21 MRK, Lauren Lakis, Average Pageant, Slippery Eyes
Lauren Lakis come north to celebrate the release on OG Portland label Cavity Search. She’ll have fellow LAer MRK in tow, as well as two locals for a sonic smorgasbord.

Sun. 7/22 Class M Planets, Dartgun and the Vignettes, Lisa Black and the Felony Flats 8pm $5
It’s Adam’s bday, so we’re celebrating with his project CMP, plus pals!

Mon. 7/23 Russell Clementine, Times Infinity, Bear Clouds

Tue. 7/24 Trivia! Trivia! Trivia! 8pm FREE

Wed. 7/25 Tispur, Iowa, Stelth Ulvang

Thur. 7/26 Yuvees, Stunning Rayguns, None

Fri. 7/27 Fountaine, Point Juncture, WA

Sat. 7/28 Media Jeweler (LA), Young Jesus (LA), Cynthia Nelson’s Digressive Combine

Sun. 7/29 Grand Style Orchestra, Blue Shift Rhythm Group

Mon. 7/30 Eat Pray Love, Beautiful Terribles, Great Red Shark

Tue. 7/31 Trivia! Trivia! Trivia! 8pm FREE

Wed. 8/1 CMG Outset Series

Thur. 8/2 Little Mazarn, Raina Rose

Fri. 8/3 Mouth Painter, Hungry Cloud Darkening, Donald Beaman, Caspar Sonnet

Sat. 8/4 Plastic Harmony Band, Old Gold (L.A.), Ruby Palms

Sun. 8/5 Smith/McKaye All Day (feat. Jimmy Smith of The Gourds), Bad Assets

Mon. 8/6 Gary Supply, Launcher (L.A.), Ad-noids

Wed. 8/8 Half Shadow, Sunbaby, Charlie Moses, Yard Waste

Thur. 8/9 Sun Araw, Jeff Witscher, Peter Blasser and the Tenses, Caspar Sonnet

Sat. 8/11 Eye Bob Art Opening! w/Sir Richard Bishop, Hound Dog Taylor’s Hand, Erin Jane LaRue

Sun. 8/12 Tom Brosseau, Shelley Short, Tomo Nakayama

Mon. 8/13 Impermanent Presents: I Hate Mondays

Tue. 8/14 Summertime Gal, Nicholas Francise, DIY Sluts

Wed. 8/15 CMG Outset Series

Thur. 8/16 Lee and the Bees, No Aloha, Maita

Fri. 8/17 Ings (Seattle), Jessica Dennison and Jones, Kendall CorePat Moon

Sat. 8/18 X: The Comedy Show – An evening of absurdity brought to you by Jay Shingle & Jason Traeger

Sun. 8/19 Nicole McCabe Trio, Joseph Mammarella Quartet

Mon. 8/20 Xapchyk, Tevlin, Dominic Voz

Wed. 8/22 Fashion Club (Mpls), Average Pageant, Creature to Creature

Thur. 8/23 Metal Mountains (NY)

Fri. 8/24 Kulululu, Fruit Juice, David Pollack

Sat. 8/25 Arteries, Licky Chomps, Mir/Roth/Capello

Sun. 8/26 Schlotman (SF), The Hague, Light Creates Shadows

Mon. 8/27 Bren’t Lewiis Ensemble, The Tenses, sic

Thur. 8/30 Atomic Candles, The Enchanted, Voo Vol

Fri. 8/31 Lab 13, The Almas, Wuhlux

Sat. 9/1 Deathlist, Dovecotes, Elizas

Mon. 9/3 Barra Brown Trio, Negative Press Project, Paper Gates

Wed. 9/5 CMG Outset Series

Fri. 9/7 Nick Normal, Boy Romeo (Sacto)

Sat. 9/8 Miss Massive Snowflake, Braille Stars, Sam Human

Fri. 9/14 Suicide Notes, Wild English, Lost Nerves

Sat. 9/15 Mercury Tree, Ealdor Bealu (Boise), Childspeak

Sun. 9/16 Baronic Wall, Pulse Emitter, Ron Spoones, The Occupant

Wed. 9/19 CMG Outset Series

Thur. 9/20 Sir Richard Bishop, Tashi Dorji

Fri. 9/21 Hammer of Hathor, Centerpieces

Sat. 9/22 Lovesores, Communist Eyes, Street Hassle

Sun. 9/23 Dusty Santamaria + Moira Ichiban, Galen Ballinger, The Dumpies

Thur. 9/27 Coffin Apt., Licky Chomps, Pet Weapon

Fri. 9/28 Thollem McDonas



Sad Horse, Pendejo, Thee Headliners, Marisa Anderson, Kelly Blair Bauman, Donald Beaman & the Spirit Molecules, Mike Coykendall, The Bugs, Grand Style Orchestra, The Go Round, Grand Lake Islands, Dan Leif, White Shark, Spectrum Control, Raphi Gottesman, Awkward Energy, Inebriati, Tyrants, Palo Verde, DRC3, Flash Flood & the Dikes, Human Behavior, Magisterial, The Baron Robber, Chelsea Appel, Old Barn Preservation Society, Floorboards, Old Light, The Very Least, Deer Lodge All-Stars, James Rabbit, Spencer Owen, Ocean Floor, The Shivas, Ruby Pins, Silver Shadows, Chuck Johnson, Spectrum Control, Alvarius B, White Shark, Lana Rebel, Jernigan, 75 Dollar Bill, Park Details Band, Peter Kolovos, Musk, Piss Test, Cyclops, The Happening, Whales Whailing, Healersss, Sir Richard Bishop, Pendejo, Hearts and Tigers, Cotton, Raymond Anderson, Ave Grave, Nyx, Maurice Spencer, Darkswoon, Stephen Steinbrink, Ever Ending Kicks, Half Shadow, Michael Wohl, Derek Monypeny, Early Atoms, Audios AMigos, Jenny Don’t & the SPurs, Sam Coomes, Impulsive Machinations, Spectrum Control, William Z Villain, Trick Sensei, Bunnymilk, Mananero, The Gutters, White Glove, Plastic Harmony Band, Bam Bam, Eureka California, Blind Lovejoy, Hosmanek, Superluminous, Archangels Thunderbird, The Rebs, Hungry Ghost, Dramady, Sam Humans, OK Vancouver OK, Quttinirpaaq, Jagula, Bitchin Bajas, Pulse Emitter, Kingdom of Smoth, Holographs, Crow Kane, Hungry Cloud Darkening, Sister Palace, Lost Creek, The Resolectrics, Jordannah Elizabeth, The Teas, Cloud City Cars, Ethernet, DeLyria, Kendall Station, The Saxophones, Jeremy Lee Faulkner, Mojave Bird, Brumes, Chrome Mole Monocle, Okrhana, Michael Hurley, Hearts of Oak, Old Barn Preservation Society, Rllrball, The Tenses, Brandon Conway, ALTO!, Sleeptalker, Post Moves, Little Star, Chung Antique, Moon Debris, The Dovecotes, Brogan Woodburn, The Crenshaw, Samantha Boshnack Quintet, Get Smashing Love Power, Sleeping Beauties, Tunnels, Jock Wurms, Not Bitter, Seth Nehill, Wishes, Fera, Zoe Sundra, Sunbathe, Dusty Santamaria & the Singing Knives, JT Halmfilst, The Cedar Shakes, Lox, Mazen Kerbaj, Love/Fuck, Skin Lies, Charlie Slick, Aux. 78, DMONI, Big Feelings, Thousand Arrows, Fountainsun, Reggae 90210, Botborg, Consumer, Sea Charms, Bokros, The Woolen Men, MSHR, Christopher Gavazza, Malachi Graham, Benny Gilbert, Seth King, Roselit Bone, That Coyote, Cult Choir, Larry Yess, Ray Talley Band, Mall Walker, Coppice, Joda Clement & Mathieu Ruhlman, Seth Nehill & Kelly Rauer, Ingenting Kollektiva, Catherine Lee & Matt Hannafin, Lee Elderton & Grant Pierce, Folding Chairs, Jordan Anderson, The Verner Pantons, Sharks From Mars, Kybele, Girls in Trouble, Cynthia Nelson, Sex and Insects, Matthew Lindley, Ryan Sollee, Hawkins Wright, G. Green, Landlines, The Wimps, Bricks, Goodwin, Ken Ollis/Dan Gaynor/John Savage, ASSS, Caustic Touch, William Hart, Gravelroad (Seattle), Honk Kong Banana, The Adulteration, Bob Bucko Jr., Ali Muhareb, Ghost to Falco, Sam Densmore Damsensmore, When We Met, Motel Lights, Crush Hazard, The Phantom Ships, Sister Mamie Foreskin, Machete Order, Michael Gerard Levasseur, Taylor Kingman, Arlt w/Arrington Dionysio, Shelley Short, Daniel Menche, John Haughm, Mikah Sykes, Felix Hatfield, Mafu Williams, Clinton Killingsworth, Liquid Light, Giant Bug Village, Magpies, Thandiwe Shiprah & Daniel Arite, John Savage & Claudia Savage, Mike Elias, Darrin Craig, Spare Arrow, Guilded, Ian Christiansen Quartet, Cedar Teeth, Lowlight, Ali Ippolito, Mouth Painter, M. Akers, Kyle Landstra, Ant’lrd, the Colin Trio, Hearts Gone South, Faxes, Fashion Club, Darkwraith Covenant, Autopilot Is for Lovers, Deer Souls, Lord Master, Coconino, Client, The Debts, Mount Joy, I Am the Lake of Fire, Color-Coder, Bombay Beach, No Phone, Zach Bryson, Dusty Boots, Cartridge, Mike Gamble, Matthew Zeltzer, Nick Peet, Bob Bures, The Welfare State, Pinehurst Kids, Safari Club, Jean Chalant, No Grave, Jesse Robison, The Golden Country, Dusty Santamaria, One Zero Street, King Ghidora, Maremoto, Chris Brokaw, Geoff Soule, Sustentacula, Prime Meridian, John Krausbauer, Brown, Failings, Bad Luck, Theoretical Planets, Astral Pork Display, Eddy Detroit, Teleporter 4, Fletcher Tucker, Dedrick Clark & The Social Animals, The Reverberations, The Furies, Death Cat, Doug Detrick, The Toads, Antelopers, Shed Incorporated, Smogboss, Strange Wool, Wet Trident, Comfort Zone, Uncool Niece, Shoeshine Blue, Dr. Something, Animal Throat, Manx, Wow and Flutter, The Lavender Flu, Sleeping Beauties, Stephanie Lavon Trotter, Dolphin Midwives. John Shepski, Daniel Sharon, Casting Circles, Dark Swoon, Laura Palmer’s Death Parade, No Aloha, Adieu Caribou, Naked Hour, Sonsabitches, The Needs, Ryan A. Miller, I’d Rather Not Talk About It (Holland Andrews), Paurl Walsh & Joshua Medina, I.M. Jones, Jesse R. Berlin, Hands In, Moondrake, Grand Head, Thee Last Go Round, Panting, Waver Clamor Bellow, Is/Is, Diners, Dad Works Hard, Surf Stoned and the Sun Drunx, Dana Buoy, Pale, LeMove, Waffle Taco, Alan Bowen, Yankee Gaucho, WL, Media Jeweller, Branch Walker, Ointment, Toyboat Toyboat Toyboat, Voodoo Voltage, The Pink Tiles, Mister Tang, Damn! Rich Halley/Dan Clucas/Carson Halley/Andre St. James, Catfish, Mandarin Dynasty, Mommy Long Legs, Golden Hour, The Gompers, The Skinks, Butcher Cover, Alto!, Vocanic Pynnacles, Faxes, Stevhen Peters, Richie Woods, Rabbits, Panzer Beat, Seismic Retrofit, Clawfoot Slumber, Shawn Trail, Sick Lion, Body Has No Head, The Minders, Niilo Smeds, Honus Huffhines, Lagoon Squad, Magnetic Health Factory, Marmits, Solipsists, Oro Azoro, 2×2, Almost Dark, Peter Broderick, Branic Howard, Quadraphonnes + Andrew Durkin, Wiener Kids, Pat Meth, Ryan Meagher, Grant Richards/David Valdez Group, Erik Clampitt, Gabrielle Macrae, Tate Peterson, Country Trash, An American Forest, Dream Tigers, Doug Theriault, Alex Callenberger, Mizuuchi/Wada/Henguchi Trio, John Gross/Reed Walsmith/Andre St. James/Tim DuRoche, Blind J Wakins, Doug Shafer, Brian McEvoy, Wolflaut, Haley Elizabeth, Witch Pop Choir, Tonality Star, OO-Ray, Apartment Fox. Obsolete, Aboriginal Flowers, Ben Seretan, Weather Exposed, Jesse Hughey, Dark Palms, Sweeping Exits, Jacob Zimmerman/Ryan Beckley, Sun Machine, Tommy Alexander, Old Junior, John Sutherland, Paper Gates, Little Man Child, Bardo:Basho, Invisible City, Cosmic Butter, Vegetable Revival Project, Weak Knights, The Nervous, Sex Crime, Suicide Notes, Paradise, Disenchanter, Mammoth Salmon, Indira Valey, Toxic Slime, Jeff Witscher, Contact, Born in A Car, Dragging An Ox Through Water, Gravy, Niilo Smeds, Diminished Men, A Certain Smile, Sea Fuzz, Eugene Chadbourne, The Prids, Puppy Breath, Tweaker Sneakers, Barbara Manning’s Birthday Suit, The Dead White, Nick Peets, Michael Jodell, Leroy Jerome and the Professionals, Dirty Whips, Kulululu, Lord Becky, Gooo, James Curry IV, Endless Rivers, Offret, Class M Planets, Hornet Leg, Ronnie Haines, Hunter Seeker, Swoon, Jason Urick, The North Wind, Top Parts, Death List, Grapefruit, The New Carissa, Cherry Ice Cream Smile, Fairytale Stereotypes, Death By Thumb, Jeremy Fama, Lukas Borsten, Bad Assets, Dyslexics The, Marc & Tawny, Kurt Kotheimer, Carlos Whisper, Lisa Schoenberg & Ally Clarys, Desert of Hiatus, Alex Salcido, Bobby Peru, Lithics, Numbered, 2 Jazz 2 Furiouz, Pete LaMalfa Trio, Blind Swords, Agents of Ekko, Body Academics, Cockeye, HUMAN, Year of the Coyote, RILLA, Zeb Dewar, Sons of Guns, Exacerbators, The Night, Hot Won’t Quit, Amos Val, Coastlands, Alex Pinto Heath Kit, Kelli Schaefer, Future Moocher, Sheers, Marcy’s Band, Survival Skills, Secret Drum Band, Galaxy Research, Lone Elder, Drunken Palms, Cool American, Stein, Three Sigma, Tsepesch, Ice Princess, Bryan Smith Group, Bill Orcutt, Barry Alan Walker, The Century, Arlo Indigo, The Exorcists, Spirit Host, John Gnorski, Gregory The Hawk, Havania Whaal, Dr. Identity, St. Even, John Kelley, The Monkeys, Subdomination Quartet, The Bad Habits, Bren’t Lewiis Ensemble, The Gods Themselves, Paleons, Cambrian Explosion, Monica Drake, Vanessa Veselka, Max Gordon, Crude Thumb, Gorgon Stare, Chronoclops, Painted Zeros, Izzy True, Astor Quintet, Christian Pincock, Lewi Longmire, Steve Wilkinson, Sneaky Bones, Ovando, Stereo No Aware, Future Machine, Ifsh, Ben Glas & Joseph Wells, Mutt, Lee Allstar, Tiger Bomb!, Noah Simpson Group, Ings, The Light and the Weight, Haunted Head, Ex-Debs, Bloodtypes, The Tanked, Alma Freer, Junianna Lanning, Gordon Ashworth, Appalachian Yard Art, Butterfly, The Other Band On Earth, Necklace, Matt Norman, Airport, Two Moons, Dry Heathen, Painted Debris, Honey Bucket, Gourmet, Mister Seahorse, Casual Boyfriend, Keeper Keeper, John Gross Trio, Holy Motors, Richard Meltzer, Karl Blau, Isaac Pierce, Blowout, Soar, Alien Boy, Kela Parker, Valerie Indira, The Furrow, Wild English, Sinless, Wave Action, Rust Promoter, Young Hound, Talc, Fasala, Ape Cave, Daisy Deaths, Wreckless Eric, Conformity Contortion, Tiny Matters, Peter Ryan, Joel Medina, Dead Men Talking, The American West, Ellis Pink, Little Pilgrims, Faith Twain, Blind Swords, Sorta Ultra, U Sco, Barrows, Sol, Dead Tenant, Mondegreen, Shannon Entropy, Halfbird, The Sky Is A Suitcase, Naomi Moon Siegel, Modern Ass Jazz Singers, Lil Peso, Sallo, Survival Guide, Darkest Moons, Starover Blue, Hart & Hare, Salvo Idly, Small Million, Grex, Bubble Cats, Young Elk, Bobey, Feral Friend, Erin Tobey, Weird Cactus, Fur Coats, Reptalians, Dim Wit, Kelly Asebroek, Sean O’Neill, Humours, Huger, Owner, Bullets or Balloons, Comfort Zone, The Maybe Knot, Hot Club of Hawthorne, Heavy Sunsets, Ghost Frog, Rambush, Mark E. Deutsch, Jessica Dennison & Jones, The Chair Project, The Whole Wide World, Tyler M. King & the Decades, Jooklo Zappa, Inconjunct, Dan Phelps, Cerberus, Peter Rainbeau, Old Unconscious, Sound Underground, Blue Nectarines, Cash Pony, Dreckig, The Lovely Lost, Lucas Biespiel and the Dangerous Gentlemen, Ezra Bell, Livy Connor, Amenta Abioto, Elton Cray, Tony Barba, Tricapitate, Kevin Hufnagel, Ron Varod, Dr. Amazon, Stunning Rayguns, Ilyas Ahmed, Sarah Louise, Itasca, Tony Dutcher, Wett Nurse, Misery Men, Stoner, Trumans Water, Sunny and Share, Dreams, Voices, Ovvn, Fussy, Coordination, Takahira Yamamoto & Shin Kawasaki, Glasys, The Secret Sea, Annabelle Lord Patey, Matt Minigell, Rentz Leinbach, Focus Focus, Rob Millis, Rich Russell, Long River, Ancient Elk, Generifus, Kiyasu, Uneasy Chairs, Fiasco, Crimson Alter, Demon’s Bell, Lavender Country, The Late Great, Hollow Sidewalks, Bohr, Stoller, Dan Dan, Pee Yew, Pastel Felt, Clover, Pony Village, Silver Medal, Bevelers, Maurice and the Stiff Sisters, Aubrey Debauchery, Trujillo, Six Pack City, Atomic Candles, Millennial Falcon, Group Hug?, Prison Dress, Bushmen’s Revenge, Loveboys, Splash, OrdinaChestra, The Mighty Missoula, Avalanche Lily, The Conquerors, No La La, New Modern Warfare, Soft Paws, Pat Kearns, The Zags, Sasha Bell Band, Tatsuya Nakatani, Madelyn Villano, Kelly Pratt, Similar Fashion, Bonepocket, Lubec, Versing, Riled, Vacilando, Supercrow, Andy Fitts, Derrik Phillips and Jeff Porter, Angie Fritz and Danny Lee, Moaning, Fake Fireplaces, Joshua Emory Blatchley, Tigers on Opium, Law Boss, Pushy, Lil Weepy, Western Heartthrobs, Because, Cardioid, Ras Mix, Ergot Rye, Friends in Love, Hex Vision, Kyle Parisi, Lady Stane, Pony Hunt, Exit The President, Naan Violence, The Social Stomach, Translucent Spiders, Body Shame, Non Life, Sharon, Mope Grooves, Full Creature, Sleepy Genes, Kurly Somthing, Conan Neutron and the Secret Friends, Cut 45, Beach Party, Fox Face, Frode Gjerstadt, Katsura Yamauchi, The Original Donald Trump, Soccer Babes, No More Parachutes, Blesst Chest, Process, Todd Marsten Group, Meringue, The Wild Body, Bryson Cone, Kyle Staat, Kissenchanter, Mane of the Cur, Brian Michael Levin, Sushicar, Institute for Creative Dying, Sweatpants, PWRHAUS, Gentlemen Surfer, Elfin Elephant, Swamp Buck, Devy Metal, Hawkeye, Le Grotto, High Diving Horses, Middlewave, Mission Spotlight, Medallion, Sielaff/Wyland/Niekrasz, Demolition Duo, Chugger, Krista Michaela, Gentle Bender, The New Not Normals, Porest, Jonathan Sielaff, Hammer of Hathor, Mink Shoals, Michael Deresh, Ladywolf, Rader, Twelve Gardens, Break Up Flowers, Don Gero, Stars’ Blood, Tassel African, Montgomery Word, Pelican Ossman, Quiet, Masonique, Torrey Newhart’s Obsidian Animals, Marriage and Cancer, Mr. Wrong, Star Club, Baptist Arms, The Hugs, Wild Powwers, Joshua Charles McCaslin, Dante and the Mirrors, Mall Caste, Sculpture Gardens, EMS, Long Hallways, Arrows In Orbit, Saroon, Boys Keep Swinging, Velvet Antlerground, Mini Blinds, Richard Album, Deadbeat, Maximum Mad, Hair Puller, Cool Schmool, Sillkeeper, Mulva Myiasis, SS Curmudgeon, Golden Retriever, Gulch, Rural Savage, Jawbone Flats, Lance Leonig, Jim Kemp, Dear Nora, Guyve, Sceptre Fretpen, Stochastic Mettle Union, Toadstool, The Ransom, Jeremy Joyce, Bacchanal Dreams Unit, Johanna Warren, Time Rift, Towers, Power Skeleton, Ralph White, The Vardaman Ensemble, Ron, Toothbone, Hayley Henyderickx, Lola Kirke, Wyndham, Dan Daniels, Matt D., Wait and Shackle, Holy Tentacles, Teton, SiLM, Pulsar, Cay Is Okay, Plankton Wat, Sitting, Pod Blotz, Terror Apart, Gordon Ashworth, Shana Palmer/Hugo Paris, False Face Society, Tunneler, Captain vs Crew, Viking Skate Country, Nautilus, Norman, Paper Brain, Droney Mitchell, Radler, Comet Talk, A Volcano, Somber, Gillian Francis, TBI, Lori Goldston, Kole Galbraith & Juracan, Die Like Gentlemen, Aerial Ruin, The Wild War, Dogheart, Matterhorn, Lili St. Anne, Mitchell Sumner, The Strange Effects, The Braxeling Family Players, Cigarette McQueen, Retail Space, Hannah Yuen, Inky Shadows, We Three Sound Ensemble, Kelly Pratt, Homo Superior, Million Dollar Maybes, Shank Business, Bunnygrunt, Googolplexia, Kathryn Claire, Ritchie Young, The Ocean Party, No Magic, Plastic Cactus, Kayin Aaron, Mere Mention, Baus, The Bedrooms, The Raven and The Writing Desk, Forest Veil, THMPR, Furry Metals, Manglor Mountain, And And And, Ah God, Ice Queens, Loraine, Denim Country, Ana Lete, Mario Sandoval Group, Other Barry, Binary Marketing Show, Melt, Nanami Ozone, Marry Sutton, General Electric, Charts, Two Crows Fighting, Stephanie Kitson, Ashley SHadow, Fronjentress, DunkelpeK, Conditioner, Bret Higgins Atlas Revolt, Molly Burch, Weezy Ford, Lee and the Bees, Wet and Reckless, Layperson, Western Daughter, Vista House, Science Slumber Party, Bliss Beam, Elly Swope, Fort Union, Johan Nystrom & Justin Smith, Grant Pierce & Lee Elderton, Nick Jaina, Months, Stevie Richards, Rebecca McDade, Anna Gordon, Minda Lacy, Haley Lynn, Mo Troper, Boreen, Cool Flowers, Angel Food, VOG, Yardsss, Mujahedeen, Planet Damn, Echo Ravine, Mothbreather, Plastic Weather, Patti Mayo, Power of County, Forest Grove Outlaws, Kendall Core, Dandelyons, CJ Boyd, Jack Maybe Project, Bored of Directors, Battle Hymns and Gardens, The Americas, Team Skins, Nathaniel Talbot, The Body Holographic, Vice Device, Parlor Walls, Oracle Room, Collate, Way Worse, Marbled Eye, AJ Woods, Benjamin Blake, Crowey, Yard, Thicket, Sticky Boyfriends, Mordecai, Caspar Sonnet, Protruders, Craig Brown Band, Antonin Goroch, Sutherlin, Osama Sinatra, Matt Townsend, WHisper Hiss, The I’s, Joshua Hill, Kassi Valazza, Pareidolia, Calving, Phil Ajjarupo, The Quags, Guitar Face, May May, Guillotine Boys, The Fostamed Trio, Nervous and the Kid, Dan Lurie, Lungs and Limbs, Beatrix Sky, Samuel EM, Polaroid Bear, Origami Ghost, An Atomic Whirl, Justen Fallen, Sharkmouth, Marshyellow, Ben Ballinger, Ty-Alex, Evan Lanam and the Live Oaks, Arteries, Come Holy Spirit, Russ Tolman and the True Westerners, Count Vaseline, Jeffrey Lewis, Rebecca Tilles, Darren Hanlon, Anna Connoly, Earl and The Reggae All Stars, Human Ottoman, Sunmonks, Mascaras, Slice, Puppy Soul, Allan Callaci, Trebuchet, Dead White, Miller and Sasser, Wes Youssi and the County Champs, Mantis, Hostal Riviera, somesuprises, Antlr’d, Elliot Levin, Surfer Rosie, Hoop, Guppy Ripper, Other Lights, Johnny Butler, Neglect, Dylan M. Howe, Hayley and the Crushers, On Drugs, Sea Moss, Hunter Gather, Ssold, A Volcano, Mike Khoury, Ms. Fridrich’s MessyAnn Band, The Variants, Ripe Red Apple, Sabha Sizdahkhani, Ali Burress, Wasting Seasons, The Space Lady, Miss Rayon, Advance Base, Man At War, SARCA, RJ Reyes Group, L.O.X., Charlie Moses, PennyMart, Harrison Garrison, Mystrionics, Husky Boys, Body Mask, Sleep Millenium, Hound the Wolves, Swamp Devil, Elephant Gun, Snakes On Grass, Baronic Wall, Luthor Maggot, Paul Metzger, John St. Pelvyn, This Saxophone Kills Fascists, Dustin Scharlach, Julia Lucille, Moses Nash, Brogan Woodburn, Fernando, Sarah Parson, Why: An Outing, Cutthroat Raquetball, Forest Friends, Yce, Johnny Raincloud, Koski and the Spyce Bois, The Wilder, Invisible Mans, Starship Infinity, Bob Carol Ted, Strugglers, Red Ribbon, Low Hums, Patricia Hall, Chloe Alexandra, Ora Cogan, Tispur, North by North, Jeff Beam, Rocketship, Creature to Creature, Holy Golden, Jim Prescott Trio, Verstehen, d’rifle, Greg Sinibaldi, Sama Dams, Tino Drima, Point Juncture, WA, Sun Foot, Little One, Hockenkeit, Andrew Kaffer, Heartbreak Beat, Oort, Martha Stax, There Is No Mountain, Fake Fireplaces, YouVees, Hugs, Macks, Swamp Boys, Dark/Light, Spreads, Campfires, Lorka Scher, IDK, Mamai, Blue Crush, Serious River Song Catalogue, Wet Fruit, Poppet, Doofy Doo, Benoit Pioulard, Amulets, Weske, Abronia, Guillotine Boys, Terry Time Brother, Pie Fight, Cabin Project, Anothernight, Childspeak, Jackie-O Motherfucker, Iowa, Enron, Kool Stuff Katie, Dead Death, die Reihe, Jeff Host, Old Demons, Mind Parade, Telecommuter, Prolly Knot, Indigoe, Sunson, Rare Diagram, Strange Ranger, Goon, Alyeska, Layperson, Jeremy Ferrara, Duke of Nor Folk, Robt Sarazin Blake, Corwin Bolt, Jeff Donovan, Mughal Meusli, Bobby FKN White, Seven da Pantha, Rugby, Spirit Award, Shauna Corinne Murray, Lily SK, Brandan Seamus, Watershed, Erin Cooper, Paper/Upper/Cuts, Table Sugar, Kasey Anderson, Nathan Earle, Sean Taylor, Ixnay, OK Bird, Soft Kamikaze, Brittain Ashford, Harlowe, Birger Olsen, Adam Ostrar, David Dondero, Wild Jumps, Vanity Project, LoveBomb Go-Go, Cabbagehead, Darcy Neal, Twenty Three Suns, Neon Wilderness, Sun King, Jack Wright, Evan Lipson, Black Belt Eagle Scout, Pools, Grammarhorn Wren, Average Pageant, Farm Animals, Eaton Flowers, Tom Brosseau, Tomo Nakayama, Black Fruit, Mood Beach, Pat Moon, Another Afternoon, Alternative Milks, Ana Lungs, Nate Wey, Smiling Strange, Astral Synth Armada, Meet Cute, Inhalant, Hex, Horse Cult, Nick Superchi, Simone Turkington, Kiki and the Dowrey, Sequoia, Brett Sisun, Rebecca Connor & Leon Cotter, Yr Parents, Loom, Adaptive Machines, Blurred Out, Von Howlers, Onion the Man, Alvie and the Breakfast Pigs, Honyock, Goobs, Drunk Dad, Serial Hawk, Bill Baird, Subliminal Faces, Ciboulette, John Davis, Briana Marela, Day Dos, Sentient Beings, Mulva Myasis, Tied To A Grizzly, Sunsout, Jerry David Decicca, Roseblood, Tsar Anise, Sean Croghan, Severance Package, Francisco Botello, Multi-Verse Ensemble, Bart and the Bedazzled, Palm Crest, Beverly, Magick Gardens, Fox Medicine, Mike Donovan, Peaceful Valley, Ash Dives, VS, Heavii Mello, Family Mansion, BR Mount, Bre Depriest, Autonomics, David J, Rooftop Love CLub, Skelevision, Salami Joe Rose, Cheflee, Rubedo, Scorch, Wonderhorse, Beat of Eden, Players Island, Golden Calves, Nsayi Matingou, Uriah Boyd, Parson Red Heads, Shearing Pinx, Pumping Iron, Actionesse, Millstone Grit, x_x, Burmese, Solo Organ, Cat Pierce, Swimsuit Issue, The World, Palberta, Cave Cricket, Salo Panto, Floo, Leyla Daze, Contact Cult, Iowa, Center Pieces, Stubborn Lovers, Sin City Ramblers, Gamble/Hauser/Jones, Otto Hauser, Multiverse Ensemble, Modal XZork, Roadkill, Warm Trash, Billy and Dolly, Haunted Spurs, Foxy Lemon, Crystal Quartez, Nik Viola, Navy Gangs, Rebecca Schiffman, Nicholas Merz, MD Sharbatz, Olivia Awbrey, Evan Wey, Rascal Miles, Sun June, Karima Walker, R. Ariel, Morher, Haunts, Tamago Suck, Chloe Alexandra, Anna Vo, Those Willows, LDYCP, Scott McCaughey, Decliners, Titty Babies, Who is She? Ashtray Boy, Memory Boys, No Mutuals, 90s Television, Joypress, Ross Hammond, Matthew Pollack, Powers, Braille Stars, Smokey Kingdom, School Bully, House of Angels, Championships, Cry Babe, Slutty Hearts

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