Interested in performing at Turn! Turn! Turn!?

First, be aware of the following: Turn! Turn! Turn! is a small space – if you need a green room, locked storage for your six guitars, a tall stage with colorful lights, brown M&M-less candy dishes, etc., look elsewhere. Also, Turn! has an 11 o’clock curfew for live music, which means shows start on time (between 8 and 9) and bands are expected to hustle on and off stage. It also means sets are typically more Dwarves than E Street Band in duration.

We generally ask bands to put together their own bills, though we’re glad to make suggestions and, in some cases, changes. The quality of the bill will likely determine the night of week we put yas, with weekends generally reserved for more established acts. We also welcome submissions from artists simply looking to be added to bills.

Still with us? Check the calendar to see if the date you want is available.

Next, send an email to that includes the following: name of band/artist; links to music, press, etc.; date or range of dates you hope to play; other Portland artists you’d like to share a bill with; any other pertinent info.