Interested in performing at Turn! Turn! Turn!?

Please read before you write:

– T3 is a small space with no green room and limited capacity (~80).
– We ask bands to assemble their own bills.
– We have an 11:00pm noise curfew for events (no exceptions). Doors are usually at 8pm.
– We welcome daytime/happy hour events too, and Turn is all ages until 8pm.
– We do not provide band guarantees or offers. We do not do ticket pre-sales. Bands are given 100% of the door money, minus $50 for our door person.
– We aim for 50+ in attendance for weekend night shows. We ask that bands do not have other local shows within a month of their show with us unless they can guarantee an audience. We do not have a built in audience, people come to see you! If you are unable to draw your folks out, it will likely affect our decision to work with you in the future. No offense, low attendance shows challenge our ability to keep our space open!

Not just another show… We seek to be activists in our field by using our venue as an inclusive, safe space. Our vision is to bring more consciousness to gender and race equality represented on stage. We ask that you consider this as you are building your bill.

We encourage getting weird with your event! It doesn’t have to be all bands. Throw in a dance performance / short film / one act play. Diverge from the norm!

Sound good? Great! Now, please check the calendar to see if the date you want is available. Then, send an email to that includes the following:

  • Name of band/artist
  • Links to music, press, etc. (Bandcamp/Soundcloud preference, no Spotify please!)
  • Date or range of dates you hope to play
  • Artists you’d like to share your bill with
  • Anticipated audience turn out (#)
  • Any other pertinent info.

Thank you and look forward to working with you!